Leading the Web 3.0 Revolution with a Focus on Education for Families and Beginners

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Who Are We?

Our mission:

Championing the Web 3.0 revolution by creating user-friendly, safe, and secure NFT products that cater to beginners, families, and kids, while promoting the broader adoption of blockchain and Web3 technologies through comprehensive education and onboarding resources.


Pioneering Web 3.0 products with an initial focus on NFTs



Accelerating the adoption of blockchain and Web3 technologies through education and onboarding resources


User-friendly blockchain products for beginners, including family-focused and kid-safe NFT platforms


MOVD Tokens - the native cryptocurrency for seamless payment and transactions within the ecosystem

NFT Marketplace for Beginners

A safe, secure platform for NFT trading, providing extensive educational resources and tools for understanding NFTs, blockchain, and Web3 technologies, tailored for beginners, families, and kids.

NFT-as-a-Service for creators

Consultancy Service and Technical Development providing an end to end solution.

Family-Focused NFT Solutions


Creating an ecosystem with end-to-end parental control features and kid-friendly games and marketplaces, while offering educational content to help families understand and navigate the world of NFTs and Web 3.0.

Digital Wallet

A secure and convenient way to manage your NFTs and digital assets.

NFT Marketplace

Key features

  • Verified intellectual property and proof of ownership
  • Smart contract audits
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Closed and exclusive marketplace for whitelisted/verified users
  • Decentralized secure storage
  • Comprehensive educational events and onboarding support for beginners, families, and kids
  • User-friendly, clutter-free interface
  • Simplified fee structure for listings, transactions, and withdrawals
  • Email-based NFT registration

NFT Marketplace

Easy to Buy, Sell, Collect and Transfer NFTs. Collect-to-earn, makes your NFT journey more fun via:

  • Latest content discovery
  • Blind-box
  • Multi-chain minting
  • NFT Auction

NFT Game

Play-to-earn enables you to play around the GameFi ecosystems and earn profits via:

  • Creating new digital assets
  • Accumulating and trading in-game assets as NFTs
  • Controlling your ownerships over in-game NFT assets
  • Gaining rewards from your contributions


Q3 2020

MOVE Network
Inception & Product

Q2 2021

Capital Raise & Partnership

  • USD$1.5M funding raised from tier-1 global investor-base
  • Strategic Advisory board
Q3 2021

MOVE Marketplace Platform

  • NFT Airdrop / Blind Box Discovery
  • MOVD Token Sale
  • NFT Marketplace Launch
  • NFT-as-a-Service for creators launched
Q4 2021

MOVD Token exchange listing

  • MOVD Staking
  • Additional entertainment industry partners announced
Q2 2023

MOVD Marketplace

  • Simple, safe, easy-to-use NFT marketplace for beginners and families¬†
Q3 2023

MOVD Mobile App

  • Mobile App version of marketplace
  • Security enhancements
Q3 2023

MOVE Digital Wallet

  • Simple, safe and easy to use browser and mobile App wallet
Q4 2023

Further Product Roadmap Enhancements